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Plastic bottle mouth design details

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  • 2020-11-28 14:42:45
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For the design of plastic bottle packaging, our main concern is whether its shape is beautiful, whether it can attract the attention of consumers, whether it can highlight the characteristics of the product, and whether the packaging can highlight the brand characteristics of the product. These are the main criteria for the purchaser to qualify a plastic bottle. There are also some more demanding manufacturers that pay attention to and evaluate the ease of use of plastic bottles.
In fact, we believe that there is still a detail that should be brought to the attention and attention. This is the bottle mouth of the plastic bottle. Plastic bottle mouths are associated with many problems. First of all, it is the size and standard of the bottle mouth diameter of plastic bottles. The size of the plastic bottle is directly related to the user's use of the package. For example, if the plastic bottle has too large a caliber, it will overflow, and the caliber is too small for consumers to drink. Therefore, the rational plastic bottle caliber is actually very important. In addition, the uniformity of the plastic bottle diameter is beneficial to the cover, suitable for the production of industrial manufacturers. Secondly, it is the sealing problem of plastic bottle mouth. Reasonable design is more reliable and safe with sealing film and bottle cap.
For the bottle opening of plastic bottles, our manufacturers should pay more attention and should not be ignored.