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What should I do if the watering can does not spray water?

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  • 2020-11-28 14:45:18
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The products produced by the watering can manufacturers are also very common in our daily life. It can be used as a watering tool for the home, which is very convenient. However, there are some problems when using it, such as what is the reason for not spraying water.

At this time, first check whether the straw in the watering can is tightly connected. If it is a small spring, it may be recommended to replace the watering can. The simplest reason is that the water is dirty, and the channel can be blocked and the water cannot be sprayed. Or the air cushion in the nozzle is deformed, and it can not play a good sealing effect. When the pressure is not used, it will also cause the water to be sprayed.

When using the watering can to water the flowers, depending on the temperature and humidity of the weather, do not water the water when the sun is strong, which will cause the plants to be injured. At the same time, the used watering can is best cleaned and maintained, and stored in a dry and cool place.