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Hand-held sprayer abnormal cause

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  • 2020-11-28 14:46:36
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Hand-held sprayer manufacturers sometimes have some abnormal effects on the use of the product during use. Switching abnormalities are more common, which can lead to water leakage, unscrewing, no water spray, or water splash is not what you want, so what is the reason?

If the gasket on the switch core is worn out, the gasket should be replaced. If the gasket wears, it will not seal well, resulting in water pressure and water leakage. If the switch cap is not tightened, tighten the switch cap. The screw can not affect the use of the sprayer. The reason is that it is placed for a long time or used for too long. The switch core is stuck due to etching. The parts should be removed and cleaned in kerosene or diesel oil. When it is difficult to remove, Soak in kerosene for a period of time, then remove it and remove it. Remember not to hit with hard objects. In the case where the water spray does not appear, it indicates that the nozzle is blocked, and the needle can be used to clear the nozzle.

In general, the hand-held sprayer is a plastic product. We need to dry it after use to prevent the residual liquid from being mildewed inside, affecting the use and causing harm to the human body. At the same time, it is not suitable for exposure to sunlight and aging.