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Factors affecting nozzle performance

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  • 2020-11-28 16:09:19
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The products of the watering can manufacturer are often used in life. When it is used, the nozzle is more important, so what factors will be affected by the nozzle?

The first is pressure. The most obvious effect of pressure on nozzle performance is to change the flow rate of the nozzle. The relationship between the pressure and the diameter of the nozzle droplet is that as the pressure increases, the droplet diameter will decrease and the spray angle will change slightly. . Then there is the medium, and the specific gravity of the medium directly affects the flow rate of the nozzle. The third is viscosity. The effect of viscosity on the performance of the nozzle is very complicated, which affects almost all the external characteristics of the nozzle. Therefore, the low-viscosity fluid generally has no effect on the nozzle. For high-viscosity fluid, the nozzle needs to be measured and simulated.

Therefore, we should pay attention to avoid these factors when using it. Of course, it is more important to do its maintenance work to avoid the situation that it can not be used.