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What should I do if the nozzle of the watering can is not sprayed properly

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  • 2020-11-28 16:10:46
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The watering cans produced by the watering can manufacturers are mostly used in the daily maintenance of household potting. Other uses need to be used specifically, and the role played is also very important, but what should be done when the nozzle of the watering can't work normally?

First, unscrew the nozzle to see if the small hole in the middle is blocked. If it is blocked, use a thin wire to open it and reinstall it. It can be used normally. This method is very simple, and the fine needles that are common in the home can also be replaced. The role of iron wire. The second possibility is that the nozzle is broken. If this happens, you can only change one. Another possibility is that the watering can is not tightened or the air leakage caused by the damage of the bottle body causes insufficient air pressure, so that no water can be sprayed. In this case, the watering can can be tightened or glued to the gap. Under normal circumstances, add about 2/3 of the water, tighten the top cover, and press the water button to spray the water.

The above is the three reasons why the watering can does not produce water. I hope that these introductions will bring some help to everyone, and also add new colors to our lives.