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What should I do if the small spray bottle does not spray

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  • 2020-11-28 16:15:38
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Many skin care products and other items will be kept in the spray bottle, which is not only convenient to use, but also makes the liquid spray more uniform. It also avoids sticking some skin care products to the hands. I have to wash my hands. But in many cases, there are still a lot of things left, but they can't be sprayed out and cause waste. Here, I will teach you how to do if the spray bottle can't be touched.

Check if the spray bottle nozzle is blocked by foreign matter. Spray nozzle nozzles often consist of one or more very small holes. If the lid is not covered in time after daily use, fine dust particles in the air will stick to the nozzle and cause blockage, so that the spray bottle cannot be sprayed. If there are many attachments on the spray bottle nozzle, use a towel or the like to wipe the nozzle clean. If particles are drilled into the nozzle hole, pick up the particles with a thin object.

Check if the nozzle is sinking. If you use a spray bottle with too much force, it may cause the nozzle to sink down over a long period of time and cannot automatically return to its original position each time. If the nozzle of the spray bottle sinks down, if you can't squirt it after pressing it, pull the nozzle up and pull it up to the original height. The nozzle can return to its original position before it can be ejected.

Shake the spray bottle. The column of the spray column in the bottle is fixed in a position for a long time. When the object at this position is sprayed, the remaining objects may be uneven, and the spray bottle may not spray anything. If the objects in the bottle are not evenly distributed, the spray bottle can't spray anything. At this time, the spray bottle can be shaken up and down, so that the remaining objects are evenly distributed, and then the spray can be ejected.

Turn the nozzle. If the direction of the nozzle is fixed in one position for a long time, it can also cause the spray bottle to not spray anything. The nozzle of the spray bottle is generally free to rotate. At this time, the nozzle can be rotated clockwise or counterclockwise, and it is also possible to spray the spray bottle.

Disassemble to check if the spray column is blocked. The key component of the spray column wet spray bottle, if the spray column is blocked, it must be unable to spray anything. At this time, it is necessary to disassemble the spray bottle and clean the spray column, so that it is possible to spray the spray bottle.
The pump component is broken. The water pump is the core component of the spray bottle. If the pump component is broken, the spray bottle will be reimbursed. At this time, the parts that make up the pump can be inspected, and if possible, the parts can be replaced and the pump can be repaired. If the pump is not repaired, replace it with a new one.